About Us

About B Louder Magazine

B Louder, founded by Jaskaran Singh, is a digital and print-on-demand international submission based  magazine for sophisticated, fashion-obsessed, smart and  unapologetically savvy men and women, born with the idea of exploring  stories of individuals, making space for new possibilities and exploring  new looks, but in order to be simple, natural and spontaneous. B Louder  explores the real-world significance of fashion, pop culture, lifestyle  and entertainment. We want to grow together with all who want to be LOUDER because we believe - Don't Be Just Loud, B Louder.

B Louder provides valuable tools to readers  looking to explore their unique style and bring out their inner  confident. It is not only focusing on entertaining people but also  concentrating on holistic development of individuals and fosters  positive change.

Photographers, models, designers, authors, and  creatives from different parts of the world, help to bring out the new  issue every month. The magazine attracts passionate readers from  different parts of the globe and is highly regarded for its editorial  quality and features. 


With a distinctive tone and commitment in storytelling, our mission is to inspire, create positive impact and connect with people. We want to be unapologetically louder than ever.

Our goal is to provide beautiful content. We seek to raise the standards through creativity to make the world a better place.